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IMCJ 2019 Calendar*

Issue Calendar:

Digestive Health

Joint Health

Lyme Disease

Chronic Inflammation


December/January 2020
Nutrition & Supplementation


Interviews with successful practitioners so others can learn trade secrets for success
Included are respected practitioners such as Mary Hardy, MD; Badri G. Rickhi, MD; Julian Whitaker, MD; and David Wickes, DC

Original Research

IMCJ publishes original research in every issue, including randomized, controlled trials; outcome studies; intervention studies; cost-effectiveness analyses; case-control series; and surveys with high response rates.

Rotating and Regular Review Articles for Each Issue

  • Medical Conditions by Alan Gaby, MD: Manuscripts cover a single medical condition and how to treat it. Includes a Protocol Decision Chart on how to determine the right course of action
  • Clinical Reviews by Erica Oberg, ND: The most recent research on a variety of important topics such as cancer, diabetes, fibromyalgia, and heart disease
  • Botanical Medicine by Eric Yarnell, ND, RH (AHG) and Kathy Abascal, JD, RH (AHG): Essentially, an herb monograph with practical, clinical applications
  • Patient Page for Treating Illness: A page designed for clinicians to xerox and give to their patients so they have a useable knowledge on how to treat a variety of illnesses and diseases
  • Women’s Health by Bethany Hays, MD: A focus on integrative care for women
  • News and Analysis by John Weeks: Reports on the latest news, policy, and legislation in the integrative medicine field
  • Quality Assurance by Rick Liva, ND, RPh: Articles to educate practitioners, promote safe purchasing of nutritional supplements, and assure patient safety
  • Conference Highlights: Top presentations from various conferences such as the “Annual Meeting of the Institute for Functional Foods” and the “North American Research Conference on Complementary and Integrative Medicine”
  • The Path Ahead by Joseph Pizzorno, ND, IMCJ Editor in Chief: An editorial filled with insight and wisdom that discusses “issues du jour
  • BackTalk by Bill Benda, MD: A commentary page that investigates issues faced by integrative physicians—and offers potential solutions.

*Editorial content is subject to change

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