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Nestlé Health Science and The Food & Nutrition Innovation Institute at the Friedman School at Tufts University Announce Startup Challenge Winners

Designs for Health Launches ElectroPure Hydration™ to Redefine Hydration

Leading Neuroscientist Daniel G. Amen, MD Launches Smart Metabolic Burn: A Breakthrough in Metabolic Wellness

Improving Immunity This Cold and Flu Season

Why Increasing Antioxidants Is the New Year's Resolution That You Really Need to Keep

Study Finds Adolescents with Concussion May Benefit from More Activity Earlier

Released: February 2024

Nestlé Health Science and The Food & Nutrition Innovation Institute at the Friedman School at Tufts University Announce Startup Challenge Winners

Nestlé Health Science, a global leader in nutritional health and wellness, and the Gerald J. and Dorothy R. Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University, through its Food & Nutrition Innovation Institute, are thrilled to announce the winners of the Nestlé Health Science Innovate Forward: The Longevity Challenge, a joint initiative created to accelerate innovation in nutrition and support start-up acceleration.

Following an open call for applicants and a rigorous evaluation process, Keto Kind and Superfrau emerged as the winners of the start-up challenge. These exceptional startups have demonstrated outstanding potential in advancing science and driving new solutions in the food and nutrition space.

"We are delighted to congratulate Keto Kind and Superfrau as our challenge winners," said Rania Abou Samra, Global Head of Technology and Product Development for Nestlé Health Science. "Their innovative approaches and dedication to improving the health and wellness of individuals align perfectly with our mission at Nestlé Health Science. As we support their continued growth and success, we are excited to collaborate and explore groundbreaking nutritional solutions."

As winners of the challenge, Keto Kind and Superfrau will receive in-depth mentorship, strategy guidance, and technical support from experts at Nestlé Health Science and Tufts University. Additionally, both winners will also be awarded a one-year membership on the Institute's Food & Nutrition Innovation Council with access to its network.

"We're thrilled to welcome Keto Kind and Superfrau to the Innovation Council for the next year, and excited to support their missions in developing groundbreaking nutrition innovations," emphasized Katie Stebbins, Executive Director of the Food and Nutrition Innovation Institute at the Friedman School. "This competition was created to foster a pipeline of new ventures that have the potential to make a positive impact on global health, and we believe both these winners embody the foundational spirit and values of this Innovation Challenge."

The judges panel for the competition consisted of esteemed science and nutrition experts who brought their extensive expertise to the evaluation process. Tufts University was represented by two highly regarded faculty members, Dr. Simin Meydani and Dr. Jeffrey Blumberg, renowned for their groundbreaking research at the intersection of aging, immunity, and nutrition. Nestlé Health Science's judges featured several top R&D experts, including Rania Abou Samra, Global Head of Technology and Product Development with over 20 years of experience in nutrition, science and food technology. The collective insights and knowledge of the panelists played a pivotal role in ensuring the selection of innovative solutions.

Keto Kind: A Science-Backed, Plant-Based Nutritional Shake

Keto Kind is a nutritional drink specifically formulated to support individuals managing their carbohydrate intake on a ketogenic diet, providing essential nutrients while aligning with the principles of ketosis. The development of Keto Kind was driven by the objective of offering a science-backed, plant-based nutritional shake that can be utilized by individuals who have specific nutritional goals and follow a ketogenic diet.

Mauricio Moel, co-founder of Keto Kind, shared his gratitude for being selected as a winner in the startup challenge. He stated, "With the invaluable support and mentorship of experts from Nestlé Health Science and Tufts University, we look forward to further developing and expanding Keto Kind. Our aim is to contribute to the advancement of ketogenic nutrition innovation and make a positive impact on the lives of individuals seeking to support their health."

Superfrau: A Functional and Sustainable Beverage

Superfrau is a sparkling functional beverage that utilizes upcycled whey to create a drink offering protein, B-Vitamins and electrolytes. The upcycled whey used in Superfrau is sourced from yogurt production, which would typically be discarded or used as feedstock.

Melissa Martinelli, the visionary founder of Superfrau, expressed her excitement upon winning the challenge. She emphasized, "This achievement represents a remarkable milestone for Superfrau. With the invaluable guidance and expertise of Nestlé Health Science and Tufts University, we are eager to broaden our impact and offer consumers a delightful and nourishing beverage that empowers them to make health-conscious food choices while also helping reduce waste."

About Nestlé Health Science

Nestlé Health Science, a leader in the science of nutrition, is a globally managed business unit of Nestlé. We are committed to redefining the management of health, offering an extensive portfolio of science-based consumer health, medical nutrition, pharmaceutical therapies, and vitamin and supplement brands. Our extensive research network provides the foundation for products that empower healthier lives through nutrition. Headquartered in Switzerland, we have more than 12,000 employees around the world, with products available in more than 140 countries. For more information, please visit 


Released: February 2024

Designs for Health Launches ElectroPure Hydration™ to Redefine Hydration

- Designs for Health, the expert-recommended and preferred brand for high-quality, professional strength, research-backed supplements, today announced the launch of ElectroPure Hydration™, a great-tasting, clementine-flavored electrolyte drink mix in a convenient stick pack that supports recommendations for optimal hydration and peak athletic performance*. ElectroPure Hydration™ delivers two times the electrolytes of the leading electrolyte powder brand and nine times the electrolytes of the leading sports drink†, allowing consumers to refuel with advanced cellular hydration*.


This zero-sugar hydration formula is sweetened with stevia and monk fruit and is made with a full spectrum of balanced ingredients that replenish the electrolytes lost due to sweating.* It uniquely features sodium and potassium in a 1:1 ratio for more optimal, balanced electrolyte replacement.* It also features D-ribose, a key component in ATP synthesis to promote cellular energy production and muscle recovery*; vitamin C for antioxidant support during and post-exercise*; and magnesium bisglycinate chelate and zinc for increased cellular bioavailability*.


"While physical activity and exposure to hot weather are the biggest sources of electrolyte and water loss, our bodies can also suffer water loss from everyday activity and bodily functions. This product is made for the athlete and non-athlete alike as it is imperative to maintain cellular hydration and replenish fluids or we risk a potential decrease in not only athletic performance and muscle, but also cognitive function, and even mental health*," said Dr. David M. Brady, Chief Medical Officer at Designs for Health. "Water alone is not effective in replenishing the electrolytes our bodies need. With the launch of ElectroPure Hydration™, we are providing a solution that supports functioning at our best, no matter what our daily regimen looks like. Our consumers deserve that and we're excited to deliver it."


The recommended use for the gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and non-GMO ElectroPure Hydration™ product is to mix 1 stick pack (8 grams) in 16 ounces of water per day or as directed by your health care provider. The product is available to purchase at:


Designs for Health began in 1989 as a small educational services company with deep roots in natural medicine and big ambitions to revolutionize the industry. More than 30 years later, the company is pioneering new approaches to nutritional science, breaking barriers in quality standards, and ultimately transforming the healthcare ecosystem. Through a robust product pipeline and a diverse portfolio of more than 300 nutritional products, Designs for Health is leading the charge in the natural and integrative medicine movement to design a well world for all.


To learn more about Designs for Health and its comprehensive portfolio of products, including its line of oral health products, visit You can also tune in to Designs for Health's podcast, Conversations for Health, to immerse yourself in the current landscape of Functional Medicine and further empower you to design a well world with us.


About Designs for Health, Inc.

Family-owned Designs for Health, Inc. offers high-quality dietary supplements and functional foods to health care professionals and their patients. Guided by its founding philosophy of "Science-First™," the company holds an unwavering commitment to creating research-driven formulations with meaningful quantities of functional ingredients that maximize the potential for successful health outcomes. For over 30 years, Designs for Health has been many healthcare professionals' trusted source for not only product innovation but also leadership in clinical education and practice development solutions.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


† 1. 2X the total electrolytes per serving vs. Liquid I.V. Hydration Multiplier Powder Packets, the leading brand per Stackline sales data as of September 2023.


2. 9X the total electrolytes per serving vs. Gatorade Classic 12 fl oz as of September 2023.


Released: February 2024

Leading Neuroscientist Daniel G. Amen, MD Launches Smart Metabolic Burn: A Breakthrough in Metabolic Wellness

BrainMD, a leader in brain health and wellness, is excited to announce the launch of its groundbreaking product, Smart Metabolic Burn. This innovative supplement is designed to optimize metabolism, support fat burning, and promote sustainable weight control.

Smart Metabolic Burn is a unique 2-in-1 formula that combines clinically studied ingredients, berberine and oleoylethanolamide (OEA), in a single revolutionary formula. Backed by scientific research, these ingredients have demonstrated their effectiveness in supporting metabolic wellness and healthy body composition when paired with diet and exercise.

Key Features of Smart Metabolic Burn:

*Optimizes Metabolism: Smart Metabolic Burn is formulated to ignite metabolic function, helping the body efficiently convert nutrients into energy.

*Supports Healthy Appetite & Satiety Levels: In published clinical studies, OEA has been shown to significantly reduce appetite, while also increasing fullness. Published clinical studies also indicate that OEA works through a variety of mechanisms, one of which is by stimulating the secretion of GLP-1 (glucagon-like peptide-1).

*Supports Fat Burning: The powerful combination of berberine and OEA support fat-burning mechanisms, promoting a healthy and sustainable approach to weight control.

*Supports Healthy Inflammatory Response: The supplement works to support the body's inflammatory response, encouraging overall well-being.

*Promotes Healthy Blood Sugar & Insulin Levels: Smart Metabolic Burn is designed to promote healthy insulin sensitivity, a key factor in maintaining stable blood sugar levels.

*Supports Gut Health: The ingredients in Smart Metabolic Burn significantly promote the growth of Akkermansia muciniphila, a key healthy gut probiotic associated with healthy weight management.

*Clinically Studied Ingredients: The formula is crafted with scientifically studied doses of berberine and OEA, ensuring efficacy and safety.

Dr. Daniel G. Amen, founder of BrainMD, expressed enthusiasm about the product's potential impact on individuals seeking effective and science-backed solutions for metabolic health. "Smart Metabolic Burn represents a significant step forward in our commitment to providing comprehensive wellness solutions. We believe it will empower individuals to take control of their metabolic health and overall well-being."

Smart Metabolic Burn is available now and can be purchased online at

About BrainMD:

BrainMD creates premium-quality, science-based nutraceuticals that promote optimal brain and body health. Founded in 2009 by world-renowned neuroscientist Daniel G. Amen, MD, BrainMD products are designed to support mood, memory, sleep quality, cognitive function, energy, immunity, and daily vitality. Since the company's inception, BrainMD has been dedicated to formulating high-quality supplements based on the latest medical data and clinical research. Aligned with Dr. Amen's belief that when you change your brain, you can change your life, BrainMD continues to transform the way mental health is managed in the U.S. and beyond. Shop all BrainMD's brain health supplements, vitamins, and more or join the BrainMD community on social media @brainmdhealth. To discover which supplements are best for your specific Brain Type, take BrainMD's free 5-minute brain health assessment. 


Released: February 2024

Improving Immunity This Cold and Flu Season

Every year, U.S. citizens suffer from over a billion colds. The CDC also estimates that they come down with between 9.4 and 41 million cases of the flu annually in recent years. This leads to hundreds of thousands of hospitalizations and thousands of deaths. Whether it is an unfortunate inconvenience or a life-threatening concern, every American is aware of the dangers of cold and flu season.


While it's possible to treat cold and flu symptoms after contracting an illness, the best solution is to take preventative measures. This can be something like getting plenty of sunlight as a source of Vitamin D or exercising regularly. Even then, these basic precautions aren't always enough, which is where YoGoody's Immunity Boost vitamin gummies can fill in the gaps. These provide consumers with a supplement that offers a convenient daily dose of clean, effective, immunity-boosting nutrition.


"Our GummyGoody line is designed to make ongoing vitamin nutrition simple, easy, and delicious," explains YoGoody founder Anabela Ferreira. "Our Immunity Boost gummies are particularly helpful during cold and flu season. They make it easier to keep your body strong and give you a better chance to avoid falling victim to the inevitable annual cycle of sickness."


Immunity Boost uses two key active ingredients to support the immune system: Zinc and Vitamin D. These contribute to the normal function of the immune system. By taking a consistent daily dose of these vitamins, individuals can help their body protect itself naturally.


YoGoody also has two other products in its GummyGoody line. Its Sleep gummies make it easier to fall asleep and reduce fatigue — both of which are important in maintaining health. Its Power Your Mind gummies help with increased focus and energy, which can also be a useful tool during a season filled with shorter days and seasonal sluggishness.


From immunity support to better sleep to improved mental clarity, YoGoody's GummyGoody products are ideal tools for cold-weather health and wellness. They help consumers maintain strong bodies and sharp minds as they navigate the unpleasant elements that come with each fall and winter.


About YoGoody

YoGoody operates out of Oporto, Portugal. The company was founded by Anabela Ferreira in 2022 as a way to create a yogurt alternative that is packed with nutrition, hyperconvenient, and sustainably made. YoGoody has nutritionists on staff and invests heavily in R&D. Since its inception, the brand has grown to include three primary product labels: 1.2.3. YOG (everyday health), YoGoody+ (advanced formula), and GummyGoody (targeted supplemental support). Learn more at


Released: February 2024

Why Increasing Antioxidants Is the New Year's Resolution That You Really Need to Keep

All of us are likely making a few mental resolutions this week but many of us are already well aware that a countless number of them will fall away before the first month of 2024 is even over. Dr. Noreen Galaria, a board certified Dermatologist and Founder and CEO of Inner Glow says the one resolution that she feels it is important to add (and keep) is that of improving the antioxidants in our diet. "Many of us are aware that eating well, sleeping on time and exercising are important for overall health. The issue really becomes that even though we are eating well, many of the foods in our diet are processed and don't have the nutritional value that they used to have even a few decades ago." One of the reasons that she created Inner Glow Age Defense vitamins is because she has seen that the skin is a window to the inside and when patients are not able to take care of themselves as well as normal, the skin is the first thing to suffer. "I see thousands of patients and when I know them well, I can see how stress changes their skin between visits. Not just their skin tone and texture, but even big things like how many pre-cancers they make in a six-month period," says Dr. Galleria. We know that certain ingredients like blueberries, green tea, probiotics, cacao bean, resveratrol, and grapeseed extract are great at fighting free radical damage and also improving overall health by mopping up free radicals in our bodies. People are often surprised to see that Inner Glow Age Defense actually doesn't really have many vitamins in it. It is a true nutraceutical that is made of whole food antioxidants and anti-inflammatories that we may not be getting in our diet as regularly as we should, but that are critical to overall health and wellness. I chose whole food ingredients to put into this vitamin because simply extracting a vitamin out of a food means we do not get the full complement of benefits that the food actually provides. I often say that extracting the vitamin C out of a blueberry without including the other ingredients, like the fiber, antioxidants like anthocyanin in the blueberry skin, and the anti-inflammatories is similar to going to a gym and grabbing the hot towel and hoping you get the benefits of an entire workout. Yes, that hot towel might make you feel relaxed but you've missed out on so many other benefits that you could have enjoyed had you used the entire gym.

The supplement as a blend of Antioxidants and anti-inflammatories in their complete form. "This is the way that our body knows how to extract the maximum benefit from a food," says Dr. Galaria.

She is a dermatologist and along with a plastic surgeon, she spent a decade researching these supplements, which also include other powerhouse anti-aging ingredients like polypodium leucotomos, and pycnogenol. Photoaging is preventable and I want to give my patients every tool to do just that. I recommend sunscreen and anti-aging creams, but providing our skin with the building blocks to truly repair and fend off photoaging is just as important and that is what Age Defense provides.


Inner Glow Age Defense vitamins are available on Amazon and at $48.99.


Released: February 2024

Study Finds Adolescents with Concussion May Benefit from More Activity Earlier

Researchers at Nationwide Children’s Hospital have found that when it comes to concussion recovery, activity type matters. In a study published today in British Journal of Sports Medicine, researchers found that limiting screen time and returning to school early following a concussion may speed up recovery.


“Increased time spent in the classroom, participating in some after-school activities or working a job was associated in our study with faster symptom resolution, especially for participants with lower post-acute symptom scores,” said lead author Jingzhen Ginger Yang, PhD, MPH, principal investigator in the Center for Injury Research and Policy of the Abigail Wexner Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s. “However, when activities involved significant screen time – like surfing the internet or playing video/computer games – during the first week post-injury, symptoms resolved more slowly.”


While some research on pediatric concussion has suggested an earlier introduction of physical activity promotes recovery, little is known about the intensity and duration of cognitive activity post-concussion and its potential influence on concussion recovery outcomes.


This new study, conducted by experts in Nationwide Children’s Center for Injury Research and Policy, division of Sports Medicine, Center for Biobehavioral Health, and division of Emergency Medicine evaluated the intensity and duration of daily cognitive activity reported by adolescents (age 11-17 years) following concussion and examined the connections between these activities and symptom duration. Participants reported increases in low-intensity cognitive activities – such as listening to music, reading, watching television, and making or receiving phone calls – and total minutes of overall cognitive activities as their symptoms resolved.


Previous clinical guidelines for youth with concussions have recommended complete physical and mental rest until symptoms resolve to avoid re-injury and reduce the demands on injured tissue. However, recent clinical and experimental data have demonstrated that prolonged physical rest does little to improve functional outcomes, and the resulting isolation and withdrawal can have unintended physical, social and educational consequences.


“Children and teens should be encouraged to get back to their routines and take part in activities like clubs, jobs and homework after experiencing concussion, but keep in mind that for some patients, prolonged screen time in non-school activities such as gaming or internet scrolling can affect recovery if it is worsening their symptoms,” said co-author Thomas Pommering, DO, division chief and director of concussion clinics of Nationwide Children’s division of Sports Medicine. “We recommend concussion patients pick their screen activity wisely, focusing on school demands first.”


According to the study, the average time children returned to school after a concussion was almost one week. Symptoms resolved more slowly when returning to school was delayed. Additionally, participating in club activities was associated with faster symptom resolution.


“Having a better understanding of the appropriate ‘dosing’ and timing of introducing cognitive activity is critically needed for our patients,” explains co-author James MacDonald, MD, MPH, sports medicine physician at Nationwide Children’s. “Increased engagement in the classroom during the first week post-concussion, especially for youth with lower post-concussion symptom scores, can mean symptoms resolve faster and teens get back to normal life.”


The relationship between level of cognitive activity and symptom resolution may be bidirectional, with improving post-concussion symptoms prompting higher levels of cognitive activity and vice versa. Thus, controlling for current symptom levels when assessing associations between cognitive activity and symptom resolution, as this study did, is crucial.


This study has several important clinical implications:


Adolescents with concussion, especially those with relatively less severe post-acute symptoms, may benefit from moderate- to high-intensity cognitive activity as early as the first week post-injury.

Limiting (but not prohibiting) moderate-intensity activities involving significant screen time (e.g., surfing the internet or video/computer gaming) during the first-week post-injury may help speed recovery.

Early introduction of returning to school following concussion is an important consideration that may hasten timelines for recovery.

Families should collaborate with their child’s care team to develop a plan based on injury severity and recovery milestones.


Citation: Yang J, Alshaikh E, Asa N, et al. Br J Sports Med Epub ahead of print: 12 February 2024. doi:10.1136/bjsports-2023-107601


The Center for Injury Research and Policy (CIRP) of the Abigail Wexner Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital works globally to reduce injury-related pediatric death and disabilities. With innovative research at its core, CIRP works to continually improve the scientific understanding of the epidemiology, biomechanics, prevention, acute treatment, and rehabilitation of injuries. CIRP serves as a pioneer by translating cutting edge injury research into education, policy, and advances in clinical care. For related injury prevention materials or to learn more about CIRP, visit Follow CIRP on X @CIRPatNCH.


About The Abigail Wexner Research Institute at Nationwide Children's Hospital

Named to the Top 10 Honor Roll on U.S. News & World Report’s 2022-23 list of “Best Children’s Hospitals,” Nationwide Children’s Hospital is one of America’s largest not-for-profit free-standing pediatric health care systems providing unique expertise in pediatric population health, behavioral health, genomics and health equity as the next frontiers in pediatric medicine, leading to best outcomes for the health of the whole child. Integrated clinical and research programs are part of what allows Nationwide Children’s to advance its unique model of care. As home to the Department of Pediatrics of The Ohio State University College of Medicine, Nationwide Children’s faculty train the next generation of pediatricians, scientists and pediatric specialists. The Abigail Wexner Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital is one of the Top 10 National Institutes of Health-funded free-standing pediatric research facilities in the U.S., supporting basic, clinical, translational,  behavioral and population health research. The AWRI is comprised of multidisciplinary Centers of Emphasis paired with advanced infrastructure supporting capabilities such as technology commercialization for discoveries; gene- and cell-based therapies; and genome sequencing and analysis. More information is available at


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