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Leading From Darkness to Light: Understanding Chronic Disease and Coronavirus: An Integrative Perspective

Prashanth Thalanayar Muthukrishnan, MD; Swati Vishwanathan, MD

Disease is defined as complex interaction of 3 things: disease-causing agent, host and environment. The government, CDC and hospital administrations have had reasonable success with the effects of social distancing and coronavirus testing; kudos to them. That addresses 1 of the 3 main factors of a disease; i.e. disease -causing agent. However, there are 2 other ingredients in the complex of a disease; i.e. the host of the disease and finally the environment of the disease. We are the hosts and it is time we take ownership of this ourselves and join the effort with the government towards understanding the dysregulated immune response seen in severe covid-19 and enable the public in strengthening the inner environment and the host immune response. Social distancing can be complete only when the host is prepared to fight the war in the coming fall and winter seasons. The outer environment seems to spontaneously recharging itself as a consequence of social distancing.

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