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About Us

Launched as a peer-reviewed journal in 2002, Integrative Medicine: A Clinician’s Journal (IMCJ) provides practitioners with a practical and comprehensive approach to integrating alternative therapies with conventional medicine. The journal is published 6 times per year under the leadership of Joseph Pizzorno, ND, editor in chief, a cofounder and former president of Bastyr University.


  1. To provide a practical and comprehensive approach to preventing and treating disease, healing illness, and promoting health in a clinical setting using integrative medicine.
  2. To assure practitioners receive authoritative, scientifically accurate information they can trust and immediately apply to their clinics or pharmacies.
  3. To provide optimal resources for patient care.
  4. To present the “issues of the day” such as nutritional debates, assessments of therapies, and clinical protocols.


  • Unique in the field
  • Practical
  • Covering a broad base of clinical issues—with a primary focus on the use of nutritional supplements, botanicals, diet, and lifestyle
  • Peer reviewed
  • IMCJ editors: 2 naturopathic doctors (NDs), 2 medical doctors (MDs), 1 doctor of chiropractic (DC)
  • Editorial review board: 9 MDs, 8 NDs, 3 PhDs, 3 DCs, 1 doctor of oriental medicine (OMD),1 combined masters of business (MBA) and jurist doctorate (JD), and 1 masters of public health (MPH)


The editors of IMCJ invite authors to submit original papers for consideration. Click here for submissions information.

IMCJ Editor and Associate Editors


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BILL BENDA, MD - Associate Editor

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TORI HUDSON, ND - Associate Editor

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DAVID WICKES, DC - Associate Editor

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