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The Integrated Treatment for Chronic Pain and Anxiety in a Patient with Breast Implant Illness Symptoms: A Case Report

Kathryn Blackmore, BNatMed; Robyn Carruthers, MHSc; Asmita Patel, PhD

Introduction: Women with breast implants may experience breast implant illness (BII). BII is comprised of a collection of systemic symptoms, such as fatigue and pain, that are postulated to be related to having breast implants. Case Presentation: This case report documents the naturopathic treatment of a 35-year-old female patient diagnosed with fibromyalgia, tension headaches, and chronic anxiety, perceived to be linked to and exacerbated by her textured cohesive gel implants. The patient sought naturopathic treatment for support during the explant process of her breast implants. Naturopathic treatment was provided over a 3-month period in conjunction with prescribed medication for her anxiety and tension headaches. Conclusion: At 3 months post-naturopathic treatment, the patient experienced a reduction in anxiety, fatigue, and self-reported pain. The integration of alternative therapies with prescribed pharmaceutical treatment appeared to positively impact the health of this patient.

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