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Arsenic: The Underrecognized Common Disease-inducing Toxin

Joseph Pizzorno, ND, Editor in Chief; Walter Crinnion, NDi

Arsenic toxicity is far more of a clinical problem than commonly recognized. At least 10% of the public water supplies contain levels of arsenic known to increase risk of many chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, many cancers, peripheral neuropathy, and diabetes. Some parts of the country have very high arsenic levels, but because fewer than half of all private and public water supplies have been tested for this common toxin, those drinking or consuming food grown with such water will likely not be aware of their exposure. Several key single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and methylation deficits can significantly increase a patient's susceptibility to arsenic toxicity. Reduction of arsenic toxicity starts, of course, with avoidance. This means evaluation of water contamination, avoidance of rice and chicken unless tested, cleaning up any old pressure treated wood in the environment, and other precautions. Excretion, neutralization, and protection from damage are facilitated through optimizing methylation processes and the use of natural health products such as turmeric and green tea, and liberally consuming cabbage family foods.

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