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February/March 2023 • Vol 22, No. 1
Pseudoscientific and Unhealthy Approaches to Gastrointestinal Health and Detoxification in Natural Medicine
David M Brady, ND, DC, CCN, DACBN; Cristiana Paul, MS
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Significant Boost in Rates of Type 2 Diabetes Among Children During COVID-19 Pandemic



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A COVID Plea to the CDC: Follow the Science, Respect the People



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  • ADHD Intensive Training Program—(starts April 4)
  • Nutritional Psychiatry for Borderline Personality Disorder—April 22—An online seminar with Dr. James Greenblatt
  • Medicine and Nutrition—April 24-25, 2023—New York, New York
  • 34th Clinical Applications for Age Management Medicine Conference—April 26-30, 2023—Miami, Florida
  • CNDA Annual Conference—April 28-30, 2023—Santa Rosa, California
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