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August/September 2017 • Vol 16, No. 4
Heather Zwickey, PhD: Neuroimmunomodulation—A Driving Force Behind the Need for a Holistic Approach to Medicine
Interview by Craig Gustafson

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Effects of Sheetali and Sheetkari Pranayamas on Blood Pressure and Autonomic Function in Hypertensive Patients

Hypertension (HTN) is a chronic medical condition affecting nearly 1 billion people worldwide. Yoga, typically thought of as a series of physical postures, also includes breath practices and meditation. It has the potential to reduce of blood pressure (BP) through a combination of stress reduction and modification of the physiology of the autonomic nervous system. Pranayama is the art of prolongation and control of breath and helps bring conscious awareness to breathing patterns.


  • Institute for Functional Medicine: Cardiometabolic Advanced Practice Module 2018 (APM)—February 1-3, 2018—Loews Atlanta Hotel, Atlanta, Georgia
  • Institute for Functional Medicine: Immune Advanced Practice Module 2018 (APM)—February 4-6, 2018—Loews Atlanta Hotel, Atlanta, Georgia
  • Scripps 15th Annual Natural Supplements—February 7-11, 2018—Paradise Point Resort & Spa, San Diego, California
  • Labrix Advanced Workshop—February 9-11, 2018—Platinum Hotel and Spa, Las Vegas, Nevada
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