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Quality Assurance


Are You Buying Tainted Products and Selling Them to Your Clients?

The road to ensuring high quality is successfully traveled when clinicians ask for and obtain valid evidence (test results) of a supplement’s identity (authenticity), purity (maximum freedom from contamination), and shelf-life (strength). Then, once the test results are in hand, they must be evaluated for scientific validity.

We’ve made it easy for you. Simply ask your affiliated vendors to fill out the “IMCJ Supplement Quality Self-Audit Form.” Then use the compliance guide to better understand their responses. In return, you will receive the peace of mind that comes from knowing the supplements you sell are of good quality . . . and that both you and your clients are saved from unnecessary risks.

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The IMCJ Supplement Quality Audit Form

A Compliance Guide for “The IMCJ Supplement Quality Audit Form”



Quality Assurance

QA in Compounding Pharmacy

QA in Dietary Supplements

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