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Treatment adherence in integrative Medicine

Fullscript has partnered with IMCJ to produce a resource guide to discuss the growing knowledge of treatment adherence in integrative medicine. The insights contained in this report may inform the development of adherence-based educational opportunities and content in functional and integrative medicine, as well as future adherence-related features within the Fullscript platform.

About Fullscript

Fullscript is an industry-leading health technology platform that facilitates virtual dispensing for practitioner-grade supplements and develops evidence-based clinical research and educational content to contribute to the rapidly emerging field of integrative medicine. In order to meet the needs of its practitioners, support their treatment recommendations for patients, and advance scientific understanding in the area of treatment adherence, Fullscript sought to combine a comprehensive literature review strategy with practitioner interviews, surveys, and internal data, as outlined in this report.

Content from the report:

Treatment Adherence in Integrative Medicine-Comprehensive Literature Review and Industry Insights: Executive Summary

Treatment Adherence in Integrative Medicine-Part One: Review of Literature
Ross Bailey, MA; Jaslyn English, MA; Christopher Knee, ND, MSc; Alex Keller, ND

Treatment Adherence in Integrative Medicine-Part Two: Practitioner Insights
Ross Bailey, MA; Jaslyn English, MA; Christopher Knee, ND, MSc; Alex Keller, ND

Addressing the Biggest Problem in Integrative Medicine
Jeremy Malecha

How Virtual Supplement Dispensing Can Strengthen Treatment Plans and Adherence
Eden Osmar, Ryan Yuke

How To (Easily) Create Protocols That Clients Actually Follow
Nathalie Garcia

7 Free Fullscript Tools that Strengthen Treatment Adherence
Ally Foster

How Group Delivered Care Drives Adherence-And How to Operationalize It
James Maskell

How the Traditional Medical Model Sets Up Adherence Failure
Charles Webb, DC

Treatment Adherence, Compliance, and the Success of Integrative Functional Medicine
Jeffrey S. Bland, PhD, FACN, FACB, Associate Editor

Adherence Strategies and Fullscript Tools can be Incorporated into a Functional Medicine Approach
DeAnn Liska, PhD

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